About Lovewell Blake

We have been going strong as a filter provider for ventilation systems for over 21 years. We are based in East Anglia however we also offer nationwide coverage. We supply and install filters for ventilation systems within your company, everything is at the highest quality and at great value.

We offer you industrial and commercial filters, for your business.
All different shapes and sizes to fit into a wide range of unique business buildings.

We care for your business and the environment around it, all our industrial sized filters are eco friendly.


Lovewell Blake has a satisfied customer base and has full technical support backup. The expert staff ensure clients improve their indoor environment. Our service is intended to be energy efficient and cost effective. We also are proud of our workforce, who are qualified and skilled.

With a vast range of products available at Lovewell Blake there's no problem in finding the exact sized filter to fit your ventilation requirements.

Our Filters for ventilation systems work hard to:

  • Improve environmental conditions.
  • Introduce fresh air and increase oxygen levels reducing Co2 levels.
  • Removal of contamination like factory fumes, smoke, odours & dusts.
  • Contributes to the welfare of your workforce.