Our Services

Ventilation is essential in a building and can be very beneficial in a work place, keeping staff and machinery at a healthy temperature. At Lovewell Blake we know this, therefore we offer you a range of filters to fit ventilation systems in your business, all at a high quality and low cost.

As one of the largest filter supplier and fitters in Norfolk, we live up to your expectations. Making everything easier for you we deliver and fit the filters to save you the hassle.

We can supply filters for ventilation systems to the following business buildings :

  • Hospitals
  • Food Factories
  • Electronic Factories
  • Pharmacies
  • Power Stations
  • Office Environments
  • Leisure Industry Buildings - Pools, Gyms etc.
  • And many more

Installation is quick and simple for you and ourselves as we are highly trained and experienced. We guarantee your company will benefit from the filters we fit to your ventilation systems. The benefits of ventilation can be :

Reduces Office Workplace Odours.
Reduces Food odours in factories.
Keeps the air at a cool and comfortable temperature for customers in a business environment.
Reduces stress of workers and in-mates in such buildings as prisons and close proximity workplaces such as restaurants.
Keeping air fresh and clean for leisure industries that can get overheated like pools and gyms.

All of the above can be achieved if you choose Lovewell Blake.